Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking Back

Looking back at the previous labs, the activities and game I chosen to use seemed very appropriate. The games never got out of hand, the students were always on task, very rarely was anyone ever standing around waiting. I made sure my games were always able to get the students moving, it is the basis I like to set. There is always limitations to every game. Whether it is the environment, the learner to what not, it is hard to assess motor skills at some times. I've noticed that the student does not attempt the skill or will not get a chance too. The learner may become distracted and off-task or the game was not well thought out enough towards the motor skill. In the past lab I watched and assessed a student practice her basketball dribbling and soccer shot. Student M performed the task beautifully, the games was set so well to assess the motor skill, and at the age of 5, she was so ahead of the curve I felt. She was able to contact the ball with one hand, not slapping it, at hip height with control of the ball as well. Also, her soccer kick was very nice for a girl her age. Rapid continuos approach to the ball and her trunk inclined. On the other hand, she lacked a forward swing of the arm and a follow-through. Overall, her motor skills were very impressive and the game was well balanced towards it.

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