Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Orientation to Teaching Physical Education

Teaching is a goal-oriented activity, teachers must set goals for themselves and the students as well. Teachers need to set a bar of objectives they want to achieve. Physical Educators must set reasonable goals for their students to reach, like their motor skills of the psychomotor domain. Without goals, students will lose interest and have nothing to strive for in your class.
It is important for teachers to choose instructional processes appropriate to their goals and lesson. Teachers must have an idea of what they want their students to be able to do and enforce instructional processes effectively for a given activity and group of students. If a student is asked what happened in gym class today, as the teacher, how would you want yourself described? The teacher must control the environment, task and learner to the best of his/her abilities.
The movement task-student response unit of analysis is a vital part of physical education. Movement tasks are motor activities assigned to the student that are related to the content of the lesson. The movement task can vary from a teacher telling a student to bump a volleyball, and can range to the teacher using task cards or something of the sort. A class without movement task-student response of analysis is not a class at all.

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