Monday, October 18, 2010

My Teaching, Ultimately Take 2

I was very happy with the outcome of Lab B2, I can see myself improving. This time around I had a great hook, signal for attention and safety statement. I had a great challenge to go along with my task that I instructed the class to do. I kept the instruction short and sweet and got the class moving as fast as I could. There is still one flaw that I know I need to work on, as I was walking around observing the students, I was not assessing the task that I had instructed them to work on. I gave comments on the fundamentals of basic frisbee throwing, rather than the pivoting, ducking and juking that I taught. Lastly, next time I teach I will be sure to demonstrate in game-like speed, most likely with a student in the class to give them a better idea of what I mean. I did not do that this time and the class seemed a little confused at what I was asking of them, thus I will be sure to fix my mistake next time.

Throughout the lesson, there was a microphone attached to my collar, recording everything being said and here is a transcription of just that. After transcribing it, I was happy with my performance, but there were a few things I still need work on. I lost count the amount of times I said 'Okay,' that has to be fixed and fast. Also, my assessing, can hardly be called assessing. Instead I just gave general feedback of basic fundamentals of Ultimate. In addition, there is a time coding form and a feedback analysis form I've filled out that breaks down the lesson completely so you can better understand how it went.

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