Friday, December 10, 2010

A Look Back at Second Semester at St. Mary's

Coming back to St. Mary's this fall was one of my best decisions of the semester. The best part of the experience was the different lens that was on the 'camera' so to speak. Going to St. Mary's as a Lab Assistant rather than student I was able to look at the experience completely differently. Within my group was three rising Physical Educators, Jon, Daniel and Nicole. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed working with them. They looked at me for guidance and assistance, I never thought people would look to me for help like they did. Then it hit me; this is exactly what I want, to help students in the area of Physical Education. Now yes, Jon, Dan and Nicole were not necessarily my students but it is as close as I can get. The four of us kept good communication with each other, I gave them advice based on the previous knowledge I had from 201 in the Spring. I hope I made an impact on them and helped make an enjoyable experience. If I can find the time I would love to be an Assistant in 201 again or even 255. Below is a picture of myself during an intense, and I mean intense game of checkers, it ended in a tie, referee called it on account of time, but it was one for the ages. Working with children always reminds me how much I miss being young, well younger.

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