Thursday, December 16, 2010


My first impressions of Traineo were not the best. I was not happy with their program, it was hard to follow and not very effective. Simultaneously, I am using Daily Burn which is also an online exercise and nutrition program. I like Daily Burn a lot better because there are not nearly as much restrictions. With Daily Burn I can track my sleep, nutrition, workouts, distance travelled etc. without paying a dime. On the other hand Traineo asks for money before I can do anything. Traineo allows me to get tips on how to lose weight, be fit, be motivated and so on but nothing really helpful. I'm sure if I paid the fee Traineo would be a great tool for me and anyone, but I'd prefer Daily Burn otherwise.

I can see myself using Traineo to accomplish LS 1B, as long as the entry fee for all my students are within the budget. Traineo by itself will not help my students accomplish LS 1B, but if the school budget covers the costs it will be very helpful, I would not expect my students to want to spend their money on Traineo. In a perfect world it would be in the budget, and I'd use Traineo to allow my students to create a fitness program thats fit for their needs. I'm aware that Traineo is much better when the student is open to use TraineoPLUS, students will learn lessons of how to become physically educated people, enhance their muscular strength, endurace, flexibilty, balance and more. I know that with TraineoPLUS students can integrate the Nintendo Wii which is phenomenal. The Wii by itself is great tool but with Traineo I can only imagine how great it could be. I would love to see this used in classrooms, in the curriculum and a part of the NYS Regents Level Objectives.

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